concours d'elegance

The Concours d’Elegance is considered to be the best in the country, specialising in cars of original specification, with sixteen classes this year covering the whole of the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche ranges plus a Super Class exclusively for last year’s class winners.

The 2019 Concours d’Elegance will follow the successful formula of previous years, with classes being the same as those of last year when an additional Porsche class for the Volkswagen Porsche 914 and 914/6 models was introduced.


entry notes

Please note that all vehicles are displayed entirely at the owners’ risk and neither Stanford Hall nor the Leicestershire & Warwickshire VW Owners’ Club accept any liability for actions beyond their control. 

All vehicles must have been registered for at least three years or have covered a minimum of 20,000 miles. Owners of vehicles which do not meet these criteria may still enter but on a display basis only.

Concours d'elegance booking form

Download the concours d’elegance booking form

Please send completed entry forms and a £10.00 cash deposit or cheque (payable to Leicestershire & Warwickshire VW Owners’ Club) which will be reimbursed on arrival at Concours Control on show day.

Enclose a digital photograph with your entry form and a C5 SAE to

Robert Loughrey, 17 Lovetts Close,
Hinckley, Leicestershire. LE10 0YH.
Telephone: 01455 239 723 (after 6pm)
Please only complete the entry form only if you are certain of attending the event, as non-attendance spoils the continuity in the layout of the Concours area and may prevent other enthusiasts from attaining a place.

Entries on the day cannot be guaranteed and are only accepted at the discretion of the Concours Manager, and then only if space permits.

Stanford Hall, in common with most other VW events, penalises vehicles which are brought to the event on a trailer, and/or do not appear roadworthy or in conformity with MoT requirements.

Class 5 (1302/1303 Super Beetles) has had little support over the last few years and will, once again, be included into Class 3. If there is sufficient interest, however, the class may be reinstated.

The Super Class will, as always, be open to last year’s class winners. (Classes 1-18). Once again this year, this will be divided into two sections, theses being for vehicles from Classes 1-10 and 18, and from Classes 12-17.

As Classes 11 and 17 may have potential winners from the air-cooled or water-cooled era, their winners from last year may fall into the first or second half of the Super Class.

Stanford Hall is a member of the loose association of VW Classic Concours Shows, which was introduced in an attempt to standardise judging sheets and judging criteria.

As in previous years, there will be a special entry gate (shown on the rear of the swinger sent to entrants with their booking confirmation), which will provide an excellent “fast-track” entry to the grounds.

Please ensure you display this on your rear view mirror when entering the showground.

The Stanford Hall Concours d’Elegance is for unmodified vehicles only. Owners of custom and modified vehicles will not be allowed to enter and the Concours Manager’s decision on this will be final. 

With this in mind, all entries must now be accompanied with an up to date photograph, even if you have entered before.  Digital paper copies will be sufficient or alternatively electronic copies can be e-mailed to

All entrants should ensure that they are in position, ready for judging by 10.30am.

They must be prepared to leave their vehicle in the Concours area until after the awards ceremony at approximately 4.00pm. 

Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

The organiser’s feel strongly about the above clause, and would point out that they offer free entry and, as such, ask participants to leave their vehicles in place for the paying public’s viewing pleasure.

As in previous years, all classes, except super class, will be strictly limited to 10 vehicles, so pre-booking is strongly recommended, and is becoming increasingly essential to avoid disappointment on the day.

A further advantage of pre-booking is that it provides free entry to the show for the vehicle and its occupants.

Stanford Hall Stanford Hall 08 088 May 04 2008


Class winners receive a rosette, trophy and winner’s plaque.

2nd in class receive a rosette, trophy and runner-up plaque.

All entrants receive a commemorative plaque.

Stanford Hall Stanford Hall 08 094 May 04 2008 1
PBF 233 1-24


Concours 2013 (3 of 34)
  • Class 1 – Beetles up to August 1957 (Split and oval models)
  • Class 2 – Beetles from August 1957 to August 1967 (sloping headlights models)
  • Class 3 – Beetles 1967 to January 1978 (All saloon models)
  • Class 4 – Beetles 1978 to end of production (Mexican, Brazilian, Nigerian etc.)
  • Class 6 – Beetle Cabriolets (Flat screen, includes all 1302 models
  • Class 7 – Beetle Cabriolets (Curved Screen, 1303 Models)
  • Class 8 – Karman Ghias (Types 1 and 3)
  • Class 9 – Type 3 and 4 models
  • Class 10 – Split screen Type 2 (All models)
  • Class 11 – Type 2s, August 1967 to end of production (Bay Windows), T25, T4 and T5 models
  • Class 12 – Water cooled VW models (except Golf GTi, New Beetles and VW Coupes)
  • Class 13 – Golf GTi Hatchbacks (not including GTi Cabriolets)
  • Class 14 – VW Water Cooled Coupes (Sciroccos & Corrados)
  • Class 15 – All Audi Models
  • Class 16 – New Beetles (Water cooled Saloons & Cabriolets)
  • Class 17 – All Porsche Models (Except 914 and 914/6 models)
  • Class 18 – Volks/Porsche Models 914 & 914/6
  • Super Class – By invitation only